Cell Phone Data Recovery 

Cell Site Mapping & Analysis/CDR Analysis

What is Cellular Site Mapping & Analysis?

Cellular Site Mapping & Analysis is the process in which customer records (call detail records or CDRs) provided by a cellular company (carrier) are converted from their original data format into a visual representation on a map or chart.

When a call, text message or data is sent from or to a cell phone, a record is usually recorded by the carrier that contains the customer information, type of transmission and the network resources (cell site) used to facilitate the transmission. These records are often used in legal proceedings in an attempt to locate the geographical area where a transmission occurred.

What can FDS Labs provide from these records?

FDS Labs can provide maps and charts that indicate the geographic location of each cellular site used to facilitate a transmission as well as other towers in the area if that information is provided. It is important to note that we cannot “pinpoint” the location of the handset from these records. The information provided by the carriers does not contain range information or a defined area of coverage for each individual cellular site. All requests for detailed range or coverage information should be referred to an appropriate network engineer from the cellular company.