Curriculum vitae (CV) for:
Hank Waring and FDS Labs
Forensic Audio and Video Laboratories



FDS Labs has “cleaned-up” recorded audio evidence for regional, State and Federal court systems, law enforcement, and other government agencies for over 50 years. We are currently privileged to reside on a panel of experts for the Los Angeles County Superior Court, identifying our company to more than 500 judicial officers who preside over cases in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties. FDS Labs was honored to be among the first organizations appointed to this panel in 1991.

Our forensic clients include courts of law in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Santa Barbara and San Bernardino Counties, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles County Council, City of Los Angeles and other municipalities, district attorneys’ offices, alternate and public defenders, private attorneys and investigators, as well as other U.S. and foreign government and private agencies.

In addition to our forensic services, FDS Labs offers MCLE training classes to groups of legal professionals seeking a better understanding of the technologies involved.

FDS Labs originated in 1964 as DCT Recorders in Hollywood, California. At that time, our services included the restoration, enhancement and clarification of recorded audio, and noise removal from aging tape recordings, vinyl phonograph records, and vintage or damaged film soundtracks.

We also provided state-of-the-art audio mastering services for the record industry, working with virtually all audio formats, including phonograph records, analog reel to reel, and audio cassettes.

In 1965, we expanded our services to provide forensic audio processing and analysis for the courts and law enforcement agencies.

The Forensic Media Process

  • FDS Labs maintains six (5) digital forensic suites equipped with a variety of sophisticated hardware and software.
  • The proprietary FDS system technology utilizes proprietary hardware and custom-designed electronics, digital signal processors (DSPs), and other chips for audio and video processing.
  • FDS audio signal analysis clarifies voices, enables audio fingerprinting, and eliminates hum, tape hiss, and ambient noises.
  • Our digital audio workstations are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art software, including Steinberg Nuendo, Digidesign ProTools, SADiE, Waves and CEDAR Systems technology.
  • Our video enhancement tools include Avid dTective as well as other commerical and proprietary hardware and software.
  • FDS Labs also maintains a constantly expanding line of tools to extract and enhance evidence from personal mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and media players.
  • FDS Labs supports all standard audio and video formats.
  • FDS Labs is committed to continuous research and development to stay on the leading edge of rapidly evolving technologies.
  • FDS Labs offers qualified clients secure digital data transfers for faster turn-around times without compromising the chain of custody for transfer of evidence by using a MilSpec digital data encryption system.

Audio Services

  • Clarification: Clarifying or unveiling recorded voices and conversations
  • Whispering: Our forensic audio systems can “tune into” very low-level whispering to uncover information.
  • Muffled or muddy sounds: FDS Labs can clarify
    speaking voices, bring voices to the foreground, etc.
  • Noise removal: FDS Labs can remove hum, buzz, hiss, unwanted background noise, pops, clicks, etc. from virtually any recording
  • Distorted audio: In certain cases, we can clarify or improve the audibility of distorted audio.
  • Sound restoration: Of audio cassettes, old tapes and other recordings
  • Compact disc and other recording preparation:
    FDS Labs works with all digital and analog formats for courtroom exhibits, conference negotiations or circulation

Video Services

  • Video enhancement
  • Still image capture
  • Security video de-multiplexing
  • Image stabilization
  • Frame averaging development of noisy or dark videotape footage
  • Image magnification to reveal details
  • Spotlighting and tracking of areas of interest
  • Blurring or hiding of sensitive video elements
  • Conversion of proprietary DVR video to industry standard video formats
  • Preparation of video enhancement materials on DVD for
    courtroom exhibits

Cell Phone & GPS Forensics

  • Audio, video and text evidence recovery
  • Cell tower record analysis
  • GPS data analysis and mapping


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